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  • Making of Syllabus
    Posted in: Christian Education

    HOW TO MAKE A SUNDAY SCHOOL SYLLABUS Sunday schools should follow a good Curriculum and Syllabus while preparing to teach the students rather than telling random stories every week. To make a good Syllabus, a good outline is essential that will build the students in spiritual formation and Christian foundation. To make a good content, […]

  • Discipline Problem
    Posted in: Christian Education

    DISCIPLINE PROBLEM DISCIPLINE PROBLEM is the main barrier in Communication in Class Room teaching. However, Discipline Problem could be addressed by knowing the root causes. Some are given here. IDENTITY CRISIS  – Some Children would not concentrate in the class. You can see them giggling, teasing or playing all the time. Some identity seekers do […]

  • Wordless book
    Posted in: Christian Education

    LEADING A CHILD TO CHRIST THROUGH WORDLESS BOOK   GOSPEL POINTS Love of God Sin of man Blood of Christ New Life Growth   =======================================             WORDLESS BOOK PAGES =======================================   GOLD Meaning : Stands for Love of Christ – God loves you so created heaven – Since He loves you, He calls you to […]

  • Story telling
    Posted in: Christian Education

    HOW TO PREPARE AND TELL A BIBLE STORY Why should we tell a Story / Bible Story? To communicate Biblical truth To simplify abstract concepts To feed the imagination To convince a truth To make a logical presentation   PREPARATION First thing Fix up a convenient time and a comfortable quiet place Pray to God […]

  • Visual aids
    Posted in: Christian Education

    VISUAL AIDS   In our communication to children and any age group, using Visual Aids adds a lot of effect. Visual Aids could be of any sort that appeals to the eyes, either made by hand or bought from shop. Besides Visual Aids, Aids that impact other senses such as touch, hearing, and taste also […]

  • Singing
    Posted in: Christian Education

    SINGING  In a Sunday School or children’s meet singing session is very important. Singing makes half of the programme and it should be given due importance. Nowadays, Praise and Worship is introduced in the Children’s programmes but singing session is different. Small Choruses that teaches various Biblical truth and practical values are to be taught […]

  • Qualities of a Teacher
    Posted in: Christian Education

    Qualities of a CHRISTIAN teacher   INTRODUCTION A good Bible Class depends upon a good Bible teacher. Good teachers are not born. They are made.   A good Bible teacher must know: (i) What to teach  – Christ (ii) How to teach  – Skills (iii) Who they are teaching – Living souls A good Bible […]

  • Prayer
    Posted in: Christian Education

    PRAYER The basic job of a Sunday School / Bible teacher is to show God to the students as a living personality and initiate a relationship with him. Prayer is the very foundational factor in relating with God and it should be taught clearly. Following points about prayer could be considered for teaching. Prayer is […]

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