Visual aids



In our communication to children and any age group, using Visual Aids adds a lot of effect. Visual Aids could be of any sort that appeals to the eyes, either made by hand or bought from shop. Besides Visual Aids, Aids that impact other senses such as touch, hearing, and taste also could be made and used. To teach a story, or a song, or a Memory Verse or any other item, using a Visual Aid would make a very big difference.


  1. Visual Aids appeals – to all age groups, especially the kids. Jesus used visuals like birds, flowers and leaves etc. in his communication to the people.


  1. Visual Aid captures – the attention of the audience and retains the interest till the end of communication.


  1. Visual Aids help retention – in communication. By just speaking, hearers retain data up to 20% only. But, by seeing retention happens about 50%, and by touch up to 80%.


  1. Visual Aids help Memorization – in learning. With the assistance of a Visual Aid, explanation of the content becomes easier and memorizing much easier too.


  1. Visual Aids add interest – to the teaching. It impresses the kids, kindles their imagination and in turn develops a liking to the whole of the content taught. Thus, classes get life and students wait for the next class.


kinds of visual Aids :

  1. Black/white boards
  2. Flash cards
  3. Flannel boards
  4. Pocket cards
  5. Maps / Globe
  6. Object lesson
  7. Power points
  8. VCDs
  9. Film strips


Always use a Visual Aid, however simple it would be, and use in your communication.