The successful person


Luke 12 :15-22

Today we can become a successful person in the world even without the help of God. The world is in a mad rush for success. But what is the long-term benefit of success that we want to hold in the world? Without considering our ultimate destination and abode, success theories are in vain. Without element of God everything is foolishness.

A successful man who could not listen to Jesus is described about in the parable of Rich-Fool (Luke 12:15-22). Jesus taught that “for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses.” Because, the meaning real life is, the journey that is set towards is ending in the eternal destination.

The rich-fool was popular, known as a rich man. There is no problem in this. But,

  • He was successful in his profession, yet there was no guarantee God approved it and blesses it. Successful profession can happen without considering the factor of being accountable to God.
  • He was positive minded, and affirmed a well-being for many more future years, without knowing what if God takes his life away half-way.
  • He was health conscious, learnt how to “relax” but yet do knot know he is not safe and secure for eternity.
  • He had quiet-time, talking to himself, yet did not have a God to talk to and relate who can decided his life on earth to death anytime.
  • He was religious, talking to his soul, perhaps wellversed with the art of living and inner engineering, yet without knowing that there is sin in the soul and it requires a Saviour and Salvation.

God spoke to him, he could not listen to it. So God called him fool. Why? Because he has a soul that does not belong to him and connected to him. It desires for temporary indulgences and finally goed to eternal death. It was grabbing the world instead of shedding it. It has never learnt to be wise and seek God to live for ever.

Illustration : The General Secretary of a Mission said, “I do not want to buy a house for me and own it. It will take all my attention away of being devoted to God through my life.”

Today many people are running to own, grab and secure their power, positions and earthly resources. They are fools. God does not own him because they failed to seek God. Let us be wise and seek God.