In a Sunday School or children’s meet singing session is very important. Singing makes half of the programme and it should be given due importance. Nowadays, Praise and Worship is introduced in the Children’s programmes but singing session is different. Small Choruses that teaches various Biblical truth and practical values are to be taught to the children, rather than just praise and worship singing.

Singing is a god-given gift and we can use it in every context of coming together. Everyone does not have music talent but all can sing. However, those who do not have music knowledge i.e., who do not know the basic difference in notes and pitches of music, should not lead in singing. It would become a distraction to the audience and make the leader a laughing stock. Singing God’s praises, Bible truths and life values satisfy the person’s soul and make the time meaningful. In a Sunday School/ VBS/ Sunday Class set up, singing should be made as a meaningful session, not just as a time filler.

How to teach songs?

There are methods to teach the choruses to kids (or to any group) in order to learn quickly and easily. By using action method, you don’t need to have a printed song sheet also.


  • Learn the chorus/song thoroughly
  • Make an action for the song – Action should be simple, do not make complicated steps like in a stage dance or choreography. Give one appropriate action for the line, not for every single word.
  • If you are teaching as a group, practice thoroughly and uniformly.


  1. Sing the chorus once fully with action, and then tell the meaning of the song.
  2. Teach the words once line by line (or two lines), with action. Repeat the complicated words if any.
  • Teach the tune of the song line by line, once or twice, with action.
  1. Ask them to sing along with you mildly, with action and
  2. Now ask them to sing with you loudly and confidently, with action.

Thus in you can teach a full chorus/song in 3-5 minutes, just in 5 simple steps, even without seeing a song sheet.