Qualities of a Teacher

Qualities of a CHRISTIAN teacher



A good Bible Class depends upon a good Bible teacher. Good teachers are not born. They are made.


A good Bible teacher must know:

(i) What to teach  – Christ

(ii) How to teach  – Skills

(iii) Who they are teaching – Living souls

A good Bible teacher not only must KNOW but he/she must also BE the right person and DO the right thing.

What a Bible Teacher should BE?

  1. A new person in Christ – Have the experience of Salvation and Assurance
  2. Dedicated to Christ – Obedient and Ready to take up the divine appointments in ministry
  3. Spiritually strong – filled with the Holy Spirit – in conscience, will and word.
  4. Discerning and Listening – to the real needs of heart, and the influencing factors on soul.
  5. Loving – to heal the scars of life
  6. Patient and tactful – to teach and maintain the spiritual discipline
  7. Prayerful – Asking and trusting the Lord to work alongside
  8. Dependable – to keep the confidence of the students entrusted to them
  9. Presentable and friendly – gracious language, relaxed, neat, dignity, optimistic and godly cheer
  10. Impartial – not to show disparity, maintaining equality and avoid hurt
  11. Confident – prayerfully prepared and knowledgeable

What a Bible Teacher should KNOW?

  1. Bible-centred – belief in the Bible as Word of God, knowledge in Bible Scripture and Biblical values.
  2. The pupils – should know about the characteristics of the age group and their needs.
  3. How to lead a child to Christ – should know how to lead them to commitment to Christ
  4. Effective Communication – Understandable language, interesting methods and passion in teaching
  5. World – view – Current trends in the world around and the ways to teach against bad influences.

What a Bible teacher should DO?

  1. Maintain Personal relationship with God – Abide in Christ in all things, growing in faith and ministry.
  2. Be involved in Church – be an active worshipper of God in the local Church and involved in duties.
  3. Be a student of God’s Word – Regularly reading, meditating, and preparing teaching material.
  4. Burden for souls – to relate to people, visit, talk about Christ and follow up.
  5. Keeping the faith  – in trials and temptations, witnessing within the walls of home and outside