The basic job of a Sunday School / Bible teacher is to show God to the students as a living personality and initiate a relationship with him. Prayer is the very foundational factor in relating with God and it should be taught clearly. Following points about prayer could be considered for teaching.

  1. Prayer is a god-given desire and provision.
  2. God listens to prayer and Jesus taught us how to pray.
  3. Teach children when should we pray. Some examples are – before exam, when worried, during illness, before travel, before food, before beginning anything. But maintaining a discipline of prayer every day such as while getting up from bed and before going to bed.
  4. Teach children how to pray. Use a simple method to pray by using the fingers.Thumb : Praise Jesus
    Forefinger : Thank Jesus
    Middle finger : Pray for friends / others
    Ring finger : Pray for your family
    Small finger : Pray for Myself
  5. In the class, pray with children by asking them to repeat after you.
  6. Teach the Lord’s prayer and regularly pray the same with them.
  7. Teach them to use postures in prayer. (folding hands, closing eyes, kneeling down)