Following the leadership of Holy spirit


(Psalm 24)

We are Jacob’s generation who are people elected by grace. In that identity we should follow God’s ways because God’s Holy Spirit constantly guides us. When Holy Spirit guides us, we can follow by seeking His ways constantly (Psalm 24)

Yes, God’s Ways are higher than ours (Ps. 55:9) and it is King’s higway. But are we seeking and following it? There are three things we can do to seek Spirit’s guidance rather than settling for doing nothing saying I don’t understand it.

Illustration : Dad wanted to give a big job to the son who was disturbing him. He give the maze of world map to be completed. Son fixed it in few minutes. Surprized, Dad asked how he did it, such complicated thing. Son said, he saw Jesus’ picture behind it and solved it. That fixed the complicated maze on the other side.

The pre-conditions for us to follow Spirit’s Leadership are :

  1. Ask for righteous things (vv 1-5)

Everything belongs to God, even the earth and all that is in it (vv 1-2). Righteousness means the best right thing. Keep discovering what is righteous before God by asking him. Eli was the High Priest who was fed up with his wicked sons. When God spoke to Samuel about him, Eli settled for his statement, Lord is righteous. So… “let him do whatever is good in his sight” (I Sam 3:18). Instead of asking God to guide him further and help him do the right thing, he thought his ministry was over and he won’t do anything more about working on his sons. He forgot that the Lord has still keeping him in his ministry of High Priest and used him to teach little Samuel how to understand God’s words. Age is not a factor to settle for and quit. We need to constantly discover what is righteousness before God and ask God to help us out. The Lord, our leader, does surely lead us in the way of righteousness (Ps. 23:3, 37:5)

  1. Look for God’s design (v.6)

God has kept certain things in place already. They are his designs and plans. Do not disturb it, you will be usurping his plans and purposes for reaping consequences. King Saul failed in it. Saul came to be the King because God did it so. Similarly, God did the other things which he failed to respect. He became impatient with the delay of Samuel and performed the sacrifice which he is not supposed to do (I Sam 13:7-14). He chased to kill David and spent all his days in it. Whereas David, when got an opportunity to kill Saul, never raised his hand saying, “How can I do it to God’s anointed?” (I Sam 26;8-12). We can see how people follow God’s designs to both uphold it and destroy. This is applied to honoring God’s designs in everything – relationships, honoring parents, spouses, maintaining physical health by avoiding junk food, becoming unholy in gay relationships, live in relationship etc.

  1. Store for heaven (v.5-10)

God wants us to involve in things worth heaven and always seek to do such things. He leads us into it either by avoiding or pursuing such things. He gives heaven as a reward. David spent his time, energies, money collection and spending, wars on such things. Then came his reward. Heavenly life is designed for us by what we do here on earth. He is the final destination for us. He will show one day as the King of glory and the eternal life will begin. Will we be with him? We are told that we will judge with him. We shall receive our rewards from him. But right now – every day we need to store for it.

Illustration :

Once a missionary family reached the harbor.  Having completed 45 years of ministry in deep jungle of Africa, they are there to embark the ship. Nobody came to send them off. But there was a big funda and ceremony of send off happening for a couple nearby, whom sooner they came to know as the President of their country, returning from vacation hunting trip in the African jungle. It was similar scenario for them when the ship arrived at the home port. There was detailed welcome to the President by the people, whereas none came to receive the missionaries. They reached their home town and settled in loneliness as 45 years have taken all their community from them. Depressed, missionary complained to God why such a disparity for his servants on earth. God replied, “You are not home yet.”