Filled with the Holy Spirit


(Psalm 51:10-19)

 Today, the word anointment is very popular. But after a worshipping experience in a spiritual meeting, do we really agree there was truly Holy Spirit in it? How to experience a true release of Holy Spirit upon me?

Anointment in proper Biblical search, does not always talk about a spectacular outpouring event. It is a position in Christ for a believer who has given his controls to Jesus as His Spirit indwells in him and deep-seated in him.  He can even be ignorant of it. (Paul asks don’t you know that you are the temple of the living God? I Cor. 6:27). Then ‘Being filled with Holy Spirit’ has to be understood as ‘being led by the Holy Spirit.’ (Rom. 8:14,15).

King David talks about God’s Holy Spirit too. “Create in me a clean Heart.” Ps. 51: 10. Psalmist understood that Holy Spirit is :

  • God’s Spirit is external, not naturally present by birth.
  • He is meant for Holy Life
  • He works in the human spirit – creating and molding
  • He is to be prayed and requested
  • He is to be consciously prayed
  • He is full of resources to change our spirits. We can choose to ask things for our holy life.
  • He should be given our controls.

What all can we tap from Holy Spirit?

Psalmist feels the remorse of his sin. He was carried away by his human spirit and ended up in sin and guilt. Now he confesses and asks God to take control of his human spirit by His Holy Spirit. He is enthroning God’s Holy Spirit in his human Spirit. This is the procedure and process of being filled with the spirit. He wanted to tap from God’s Holy Spirit. He wanted

He asked God to do these things in his human spirit through His Spirit :

  1. Fix a Stable spirit (v.10b)
    • so that he will not go far away from him into deceptions and temptations (v.11)
  2. Provide a divine charm (v.12)
    • So that he will constantly enjoy the Salvation and godly joy (v.12) with which he can motivate others to taste God and turn their ways to him (v.13)
  3. Help him to brake (v.17)
    • So that he can surrender his life and give to the control of God’s Spirit. That will help him get over his human weaknesses that causes to sin and pride against holding a God-fearing nature.(v.19)

Problem with Visualization

Today, in many worship services especially among the charismatic circles, we can commonly see the experience of divine anointment offered to people. Such practices are called as “filling or anointment of Holy Spirit.” The prayer leader initiates people for having divine visions, by freely using words of imaginations, visualizations etc. In an environment created by loud words and music, the emotions of worshippers are easily stirred up to have God experiences. Loud words of prayers help to create a conditioning in people’s spirit that leads to a climax of ecstasy.

This calls us for evaluation. It is easy to create moments and experience of ecstasy by evoking human spirits and it is possible to mimic and arrive at fake experiences also in the name of spirit filling. Kindling and patting the human spirits generally appeal to any emotively oriented person and engaging in such exercise in a prayer environment helps them to express their emotions before God. However, the reason-oriented people never take such experiences, as their natures repel to any emotive expressions in a place of worship.

It is important for one who seeks true divine experiences to consider the Scripture truths. Careful searching and applying of Bible truth is very essential while seeking experiences. Serious thought should be given to studying the Scriptures about the nature and function of the Holy Spirit, who is primarily a personality not just force and our God. Without a proper understanding about the character and the way of functioning of the Holy Spirit, one may end boasting to one church for experiences, as superior to other rather than boasting on God.

Psalmist imagined and visualized Spirit-filling, but in a different way. To him, Holy Spirit is a deep seated personality in the human conscience and the one who instructs his spirit all the time. Spirit filling means one’s conscious submission to the Spirit of God who is in residence within. There is a gulf of difference in this understanding. When a person consciously submits to God’s Spirit, he is directed to God’s words in the Scripture for instant obedience, going against his natural thoughts. You allow Holy Spirit to rule your human spirit in this. That should be the spirit filling experience.

The difference can be seen in the outcome of the person’s outer life. His human spirit undergoes correction and renewal – constantly, not occasionally only during prayer times. The filling and anointment of Holy Spirit molds the human spirit to make lasting changes and yield fruits – the Fruit of Spirit, in all realms of life and there is a growth happening in the desire and pursuit of Holy and righteous life. What kind of method and visualization do you think leads a person to this end? Learn from the Psalmist in Psalm 51.

Therefore, while seeking to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit, let us do not fail to visualize correctly. Let us  value the truth of Scripture from all angles, avoid fake experiences and deviations and truly experience anointing of Holy Spirit in our conscience and habits. It takes time to understand and apply but with the help of the Holy Spirit himself who works in our weaker areas, we will learn over time.

Illustration : A little boy sat on the piano and played wrong keys during the break time. The professional came from behind and started giving matching chords to his wrong keys, that made a good music, showing to the people his expertise.

This is the meaning of Holy Spirit who helps in our weaknesses. He helps those who try to live with him and be filled with him and give their controls to him (Romans 8:26).