Enlarge my mission lord


Matthew 22:1-4

Illustration : A boy was catching fish, big sized ones, and dropping them again in waters. An elder asked what he was doing? Why he was dropping all the  big fishes back? He said, “ Fish is big, but my bag is small.”

Jesus gave the Great Command (Matt. 28:14). It has a big job, the whole world, to go (and preach the gospel. A similar thrust is found in the parable of Kingdom of God in relation to the mission in the Kingdom of God. In this parable we can pick up the details about the participating characters and ministers. Its thrust is evangelistic work in the Kingdom, because it talks about the marriage garments to be worn, symbolizing Salvation of the participants in the banquet.

Jesus asked us to go because,

  1. The Kingdom is prepared for His Son (V.1,2)

God’s Kingdom is prepared even before the foundations of the earth. Today the time line of life on earth is marching forward only for the cause of fulfilling the Kingdom of God on earth. We can learn the truth from the question “Why God made human life to continue on earth (through Noah’s family) after destroying it completely?” He could have closed the story of man by lifting Noah to heaven.

He continued it to fulfill the promise of Saviour given in Gen.3:15 which is the first coming of Lord Jesus as the Saviour. The times fulfilled when the Saviour was born (Gal. 4:4). Now, the world is waiting for his second coming at Enoch prophesied (Jude 22). The Kingdom will consummate at his second coming. The only reason for us to do ministry is the purpose of growing God’s Kingdom.

What are we active in the church for today?

Illustration : One pastor said that only 60% of his congregation are active members. His colleague replied, “I have all the 100% active in my Church – 50% for me and 50% against me.”

  1. People must be invited (v.3)

In  this parable, the landlord sends his ministers to call the people as it is the manner to call. Even today God has called his servants to communicate the truth and the good news and invite the people.

God called Abraham to fulfill his grand purpose of future evangelism. When he delayed and tarried on the way at Nahor, his father passed away. Perhaps, attending to him was an obstacle to Abraham to obey God. God appointed Israel by his grace to as royal priesthood to communicate to truth of God to the world and invite them to him. But they failed to fulfill their ministry. When they failed, God called the church in their place to do the job. (Kingdom was given to Gentiles for this cause and they were put to mute in their faith to this day). If the Church fails to fulfill Acts 1:8, then Acts 8:1 will happen. Can we as a church sit in our comforts and play indoor games and waste time. Can Kohli the captain of Indian Cricket team sit always in the pavilion? No he should get into the field and play.

  1. Vision should be made mission (v.9)

In this parable, the vision given was about the people in the streets. The owner asked the servants to go to the streets and find people there and invite them. God has opened the eyes of the church and therefore, we have to pray like Jabez to enlarge our territories instead of closing our eyes and sit. Our legs should go and soil the streets, stand on the dirts there.

Today, Church buildings are built sophisticatedly and finally end up deny to bring new congregations in the name of better maintenance, especially denying the poeple from poor background, the youths who hang out on streets and the LGBT community who do not have a proper identity. The vision should be received from the Lord and mission should take place.

  1. Rewards are announced (v.4)

The owner asked his ministers to bring people to his banquet which is made ready (v.4). Heaven is a sure, but given to us as a reward for the evangelistic work done. Those who bring souls into God’s Kingdom are called as Wise and Stars in heaven (Dan. 12:3). We should earn heaven. We should ask for a ministry from the Lord to fulfill.

Conclusion :

Instead of pouring out all our resources in the ministry and receive the people into the Kingdom, today we are only in gathering mode, amassing wealth, on earth thereby wasting our time and opportunities.